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Products for anyone wanting a healthy lifestyle for baby and yourself.  Your baby deserves it, you deserve it and the earth deserves it as well. We strive to bring you products made with the finest ingredients that we can find that are pure, naturally grown and produced.  We are dedicated in finding the purest, safest and natural ingredients for baby and you, from the inside and out to support good health.

We carry pure freeze-dried poi, pure essential oils and pure cotton baby clothing and accessories.

We feature the finest cotton accessories for your baby. Exactly what you are looking for in cotton luxury, comfort and ease that every baby deserves. We also carry other natural & safe products for mommies and daddies too for the daily use of caring for your precious little ones.

We also feature and carry the purest in natural essential oils for baby and adults as well.  Essential oils were mankind's first medicine.  From Egyptians hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, we know that priests and physicians have been using essential oils for thousands of years.  Go to the link www.mydoterra.com/ohanaoils/ for more details.  Or click on the link (right above search by keyword).  If you actively seek a holistic and purely safe alternative for your babies health and for yours, here is the answer.  The key ingredient is "PURE" in quality and the highest therapeutic grade oils available.  No one else is certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG).  Whatever ailment you may be faced with, essential oils can help you to better health. 

As well as, in an effort to promote the use and consumption of Poi in Hawaii’s modern culture, and for healthier babies as well as for people with incompetent digestive systems, we carry a taro product called freeze dried Hawaiian Poi Powder.  Hawaiian Poi Powder is great for your babies growth and well being.  It’s easy to digest and packed with natural vitamins, mineral and goodness for your baby.  It’s also good for the elderly or anyone with digestion problems.

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

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